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2010 Winter Olympics

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EarthvisionZ is a small, Boulder, Colorado based company with big ideas. We combine three technologies that by themselves are extraordinary: the virtual earth (Google Earth or other virtual globe platforms), social networks, and our advanced geo-search and data aggregation capabilities. Together these technologies give our users and customers a unique and powerful way to see and be seen. Imagine having the ability to zoom and fly around the Earth to any location and have - at your fingertips via a click on the landscape - enormous amounts of information specific to your interest or need.

The is our current fun place to stay and play.

EarthvisionZ uses Web 3.0 geospatial and social web technologies to create public and private websites, geospatial interfaces on your website, verticals specific to your interests, and introduces a new way to advertise naturally, on the landscape. EarthgamZ is an example of one of our sports websites. Our technology will enable sports fans to view the actual venues and locations of sporting events using the virtual globe, and find all the information they crave from complete profiles of their favorite athletes and teams to location and time competition is happening. Soon we will have live events streaming on our sites, giving our audience a completely new and immersive way to participate in their favorite sport.

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FIFA World Cup Soccer, Tour De France, US Cycling, and see Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 Golf Courses You Can Play in 3D!

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to our creative cohorts Oliver Davis and concept3D, Kimbal Musk and OneRiot, Bruce Polderman and friends at GE, Brit Kavanaugh, Robert Richards, Richard Taylor, Jeff Schott, Jerry W. Lewis, Billie Mintz, Deb Silverman, Doug Belscher, and Poppy.